Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Term Paper Outline


A. Live action film with CGI: The Matrix 
B. Thesis- In the 1999 Warner Brothers live action milestone film The Matrix, the constraints of conventional physics are essentially broken altogether in an alternate reality.

Body Paragraphs

1. Physically Impossible made possible by The Matrix
-Moving in slow motion
-Leaping impossible lengths
-Incredibly quick hand-to-hand combat
-Running on walls
-Extreme acrobatics
-Dodging bullets

2. Action within the 'Real World'
-Capable fighters still seem weak as compared to combat in The Matrix

3. Juxtaposition of the two worlds
-What Neo and company are capable of physically vs. mentally
-The 'real world' puts into sharp relief the capabilities of people within The Matrix
-Sense of tension when characters are unable to use abilities
-Keeping the viewer's interest in 'the real world'
-Even crazy fight scenes in 'the real world' seem normal compared with those in The Matrix

-The cornerstone of The Matrix's success is the outrageous action justified by its plot
-Jumping between The Matrix and Real World bring out the aspects of each all the more.

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